June Graduations and Hope... June 4, 2021

June Graduations and Hope... June 4, 2021

Dear Bff

June is both an end and a beginning. But mostly, a beginning.

Just like a seed, day by day we tend not to notice the little changes within and around us. However, when we look back, we see that nothing has remained the same and we are not the same person we were.

The past 15 months have been nothing short of a string of challenges, new adjustments, and unknowns. But we soldiered through another full academic year where we, in a peculiar way, learned to adapt and persevere many times over.

Here in June, we find ourselves amid the season of graduations. Graduation is a milestone- like that seed that, through many obstacles and over time- suddenly, one day, becomes a beautiful, breathtaking flower. At this point we find the fertile soil for hope and new beginnings. It’s a time set apart, like none other, to celebrate that journey full of achievements. And this is important - to pause and recognize just how far we’ve come, and to look ahead and plant new seeds full of optimism for all that lies ahead.

Congratulations dear students, graduates, educators and parents – you did it! You really did! And that is no small feat. You’ve accomplished much, and the best part yet, you’re only just beginning a new adventure.

Hip, hip, hurrah!

Your Bloomfields family

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