Hope Springs Eternal... April 1, 2022

Hope Springs Eternal... April 1, 2022

Dear BFF

Birds flying high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel

Nina Simone, chanteuse, "Feeling Good"
Songwriters: Anthony Newley / Leslie Bricusse

Spring is finally here and as nature wakes from winter it brings with it the promises of hope and joy. Longer days and brighter skies signal the arrival of blooms and buds breaking to greet the changing season. If you've felt the sunshine on your face or noticed an early snowdrop blooming, you know how we feel... : )

As our surroundings thaw and blossom, so too does our locality emerge from the long winter just passed. We are reconnecting with our friends, neighbours, and community. Smiles are all around as we walk our city streets and revisit favourite sites and shops.

At Bloomfields we have embraced the spirit of Spring and our shops have been transformed! Stunning seasonal flowers, bulbs, plants, thoughtful gifts, and contemporary home decor will greet you and awaken your senses. In this heavenly setting, we are busy preparing for Passover and Easter, and all the other life events that are quickly approaching.

We invite you to visit and capture these sentiments, too.
Happy April and welcome spring!
Virginia and Jamie

P.S. Please find a sneak peak below of a few of our favourite things this season...

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