Everybody needs love... Feb 3, 2021

Everybody needs love... Feb 3, 2021

Dear BFF

Let's talk about love. From the moment we're born we need, yearn for, and cherish love. It has the power to inspire great actions and it can be a beacon of hope in difficult times. It makes our hearts beat fast or skip a beat. Sometimes love breaks our heart.

This month we're celebrating love and the expression of love in all forms- not just the romantic, St. Valentine's kind. Everyday we champion love in family, friendship, community, and dare we say, in self love, too.

Expressions of love can be simple and thoughtful- letting someone sleep an extra 15 minutes, writing a note (xoxo), or just telling your person that they're wonderful!

At Bloomfields we send love and care every day and we're honoured and touched to be part of this worthy enterprise. We do not take this appointment lightly.

So send flowers. Send a letter. Send a message.

Just send love to your special people.

You're wonderful, too!

Virginia and Jamie

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