Simple Joy... April 19, 2020

Simple Joy... April 19, 2020

Dear BFF

We hope you are keeping well and nestled in for a cozy day with a warm drink in hand.  Although it's grey and rainy out, we welcome the time to reflect, take stock and plan simple pleasures. Lately, there have been many disruptions to our daily life and routine but, like a rainy afternoon, these changes also provide an opportunity to shed light on heartwarming truths.

Now, more than ever, we realize how much we need each other and the importance of human connection, empathy, love and simple joy. It's the little things that truly matter: connecting with family and friends; smiling and saying "hello" while out on a walk; reaching out to those more isolated or less fortunate; and being someone to lean on. At home, James and I relish our new found time with our three sons and the chance to bond over family meals, card games, baking lessons (Yes, you can do it Liam!), and the happiness a vase of spring blooms brings us.

This week on our website we are featuring a seasonal favourite of double tulips accented with spring branches in a glass vase.  We hope that our flowers continue to bring you and your loved ones a simple kind of joy and much needed connection.

Thank you for your continued support. Please keep well and happy Sunday.

Virginia and James
and your Bloomfields Family

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