Settling Into September... Sept 7, 2021

Settling Into September... Sept 7, 2021

Dear BFF

September embodies the art of settling in. It’s the time we create intimacy, warmth and coziness in our homes, relationships, and lives.

Summer vacation has come to its natural end, and we’re back to our regular routines. We reconnect with friends, neighbours, and colleagues, sharing highlights of the now recently passed sunlit months. Whether you’re returning to your workplace, starting school in a new city, or simply observing leaves turn into hues of red and gold, there are many new changes amid this transition out of August. In many ways, this month feels like a fresh start where creativity is most ripe to welcome all that comes our way.

We may be adjusting to new and unknown realities in our lives. As these external shifts give way to transformation, we begin to shift our focus inward, creating Hygge in our milieus. In essence, this Danish concept invites us to create a warm atmosphere and comfortable grounding to enjoy meaningful living with good people. Hygge allows us to pause and acknowledge extraordinary and ordinary moments, recalling images of candlelight, aromas of cinnamon and spice, good food and a warm drink. We spend time with the people we love and cherish, and invite them into this art of settling in.

We invite you to visit our shops to spark your own inner Hygge and inspire your home, mind and soul. Our beautiful new collection of stunning fall designs, lamps, wreaths, cozy blankets and candles will help you create the coziest atmosphere for beautiful living, naturally.

Wishing you and yours a happy September.

All good things,
Your Bloomfields Family

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