Retreat to Sunlit August Beauty... August 10, 2021

Retreat to Sunlit August Beauty... August 10, 2021

Dear BFF

August is truly special- it warmly invites us to be present for what remains of this beautiful sunlit season. This month we embrace and elongate each and every encounter - laughing with friends, starry nights at the lake, family bike rides, reading, and enjoying garden blooms in all their glory. August offers us opportunities of retreat, each and every day.

The sweet melodies of birds and the chirp of crickets at night, invite us to slow down and enjoy summer's simple pleasures. Embrace these moments, whether it be at a cottage, on holiday, or in your day-to-day at home. Seize the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle of work and routines and with intention to re-connect with yourself, others and nature.

In doing so, we all notice the season undergoing a beautiful, subtle transformation, slow and steady. The gardens plentiful bounty never ceases to refresh our senses. August blooms are showing off and ready for admiration - whether it be during a walkabout or by filling vases with striking flowers, at home and away.

Amid a slower pace of life, we'll begin to notice the slight shifts in our summer skies, and the way sunsets are appearing a little earlier with each passing night. We know it’s a repeated phenomenon, but we hold onto our capacity to be surprised by joy in these simple experiences.

Gift yourself and yours happy retreats to the bountiful gifts and blooms of each August day. Enjoy!

All good things,
Your Bloomfields Family

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