September Nostalgia and Forging Ahead... Sept 1, 2020

September Nostalgia and Forging Ahead... Sept 1, 2020

Dear BFF

There is something incredibly bittersweet but special about September...shadow and light of past and future, with endings and new beginnings. Nostalgia swoops in and memories of school days and favorite rituals flood back. I remember sporting brand new shoes and a cozy sweater- a self-styled fashionista, on the walk to first class, gathering acorns and spiky chestnuts along the way.

Now in 2020 our family is coping to keep some traditions while creating new ones (easier said then done!). Our thoughts are out there for you during these changing and challenging times. Hang in there!

These days at Bloomfields, we're really taking stock of where we are and where we're going. We can hardly wait to share so many new ideas, products and exciting ventures.. but more on that in future newsletters... : )

This month we're preparing for what comes next. In the spirit of this endeavor we'll be throwing a huge SALE from September 11th - 13th at our Glebe location. Reconnect with favourite products from years past. Store props. Large pieces and furniture. One-of-kind for the one-and-only. Come by to say "hi".

With heartfelt anticipation to reconnect with family time, good friends, and our community, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Virginia (and Jamie)

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