Flowers for your winter therapy... Jan 26, 2022

Flowers for your winter therapy... Jan 26, 2022

Dear BFF

As winter continues, even the brightest days can leave us physically and emotionally drained. With cold(!) weather, shorter days, and the pandemic- there's more time spent indoors. This can lead to feelings of malaise and fatigue- resulting in general withdrawal from activities that typically bring us joy. While there are many recommendations to beat the winter blues, flowers are a great source of winter therapy.

Flowers have an excellent impact on our emotional health. The simple ritual of giving and receiving flowers establishes a sense of calm and peace and builds intimate connections. Flowers also have a lasting positive effect on mood and provide an immediate impact on happiness- just try not to smile when getting flowers... ; )

With this in mind, we're very happy to announce that picking gardens of fresh market blooms are back at the Wellington and Glebe shops. We know flowers indoors beseech us to pause and savour their scent, beauty and the moment. They remind us of nature's presence and that there's still beauty in the world, even on the coldest of days. We encourage you to visit and enjoy a healthy dose of winter therapy, no appointment necessary... : )

We hope to see you soon,
Your Bloomfields family

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