Thanksgiving and Moments of Gratitude... Oct 4, 2021

Thanksgiving and Moments of Gratitude... Oct 4, 2021

Dear BFF

In the heart of autumn, we are enveloped by beautiful hues of burgundy, rust, mustard, and brown. We are settling into sweater weather and lighting candles to add warmth to our homes and keep our spirits energized. In this season between the bounty of summer and the cold and clear magic of winter, we reflect to observe and notice the wonderful moments all around us.

When we pause time to give gratitude we acknowledge and appreciate people and circumstances. There are aspects of our day-to-day life that could easily be overlooked. Our homes, loved ones, messages from friends, wildflowers on the roadside, or the rabbit glimpsed on a walk – are gifts. All bring sentiments of warmth, security, or even a chuckle. They add life, layering our lives with enjoyment,happiness and meaning.

Shifting our focus towards the good and the plenty that we savor in our lives allow us to expand our outlook and welcome more good and beautiful experiences. This Thanksgiving we celebrate the disposition of gratitude for the gifts- both modest and generous- that have been placed on our path.

Our Bloomfields family is overflowing with gratitude for you- our cherished BFF community.  Our creativity expands in leaps and bounds, knowing we have such supportive customers alongside every step of the way - most especially through the last year and a half. We are so grateful to continue doing what we love most and hope to always bring you occasions for joy and ease.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Join us in celebrating all good things,
Your Bloomfields Family

Thanksgiving Orders

We are delivering Thanksgiving bouquets and arrangements Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pick up at the Glebe or Wellington West is also available.

Please order ahead of time to avoid disspointment. Thank you.

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