Flowers: Emblems of resilience and timeless beauty... Nov 4, 2021

Flowers: Emblems of resilience and timeless beauty... Nov 4, 2021

Dear BFF

Our shared esteem for flowers has been constant and recognizes the enduring power of these beautiful and transient necessities. They connect us to each other and to our natural selves. We’re thankful to belong to this industry and plan to persevere for now and evermore.

The pandemic has brought so many changes to our lives and current conditions portend fresh adjustments. We have withstood anxiety, depression, and sheer exhaustion in varying degrees, but we carry on to a better tomorrow. Our lives at home and at work have been recreated and if we are honest and true, hopefully for the better.

Through these times, flowers dutifully serve as powerful emblems of resilience, reassurance and connection. Flowers brighten lives, homes, workplaces and occasions- making for good company- even on the bleakest of days. We’re grateful for your shared appreciation for flowers and your steadfast support. We would not be here without you and collectively face a brighter future- flowers in hand.

We wish you all the best and have faith that you will live, learn and work towards your best future.

All this week in recognition of your dedication, we are offering free delivery across Ottawa. Send happy sentiments of love and encouragement to that special person.

Thank you. We’re here for you.

With gratitude,
Virginia and Jamie

Vanessa, Janice, Julia, Jules, Miranda, Lauren, Klara, Lina, Chantal, Milo, Janet, Marcia, Mauricio

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