Black Lives Matter... June 8, 2020

Black Lives Matter... June 8, 2020

Dear BFF

On May 25th we watched in grief and with horror as George Floyd was murdered- yet another black person's life taken. This horrific act demonstrated the systematic discrimination that has been pervasive in our society for centuries.

What has transpired since then has been electrifying. The tipping point has been reached and the message is clear - enough is enough. This will no longer be tolerated or ignored. A powerful historical movement has been triggered with the technology to unite the world and ignite change like never before. But for change to happen, we must all take action.

Over the past week we have been quiet but our temporary silence is not indifference. Our communications with you, dear BFFs, have always been personal and from the heart- speaking about Beautiful Living Naturally. We now realize that this must be more than simply design, style, and flowers. Beautiful Living Naturally includes equality, love and respect of all people. Black Lives Matter.

In the days, months and years to come, we promise to listen, learn, advocate and actively participate in change. We pledge to look at our own business practices and find ways to make lasting changes both here and in the greater floral community.  We promise to take action and be part of sending a message in a unanimous voice.

We move forward with optimism, hope, love and support and wish you all a beautiful week.

Bloomfields Flowers
All good things,
Virginia and Jamie

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