BFF Program Update... Oct 28, 2020

BFF Program Update... Oct 28, 2020

Dear BFF

We're sad to announce that as a result of the ongoing pandemic, our beloved loyalty points program will be concluding. 

BFF members will remain on our mailing list and be eligible for future loyalty programs, but the current points system- based on in-shop index cards that are physically updated- is no longer possible with COVID-19 safety protocols.

All remaining accumulated points on index cards will be tallied and gift certificates sent to all eligible BFF members. Please bear with us as we make our way through this process.

This week we are offering an online order code for 20% off all purchases made online at - use discount code BESTBFF

We would like to thank you for supporting our business through the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We hope that you will allow us to continue sending news and updates on our business and community. There's so much more to share with you, in the spirit of Beautiful living, naturally. The best is yet to come.

With sincere gratitude,
Virginia and Jamie

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