A Year of Care and Optimism... Jan 21, 2021

A Year of Care and Optimism... Jan 21, 2021

Dear BFF

We hope the start of 2021 finds you happy and well, despite the ongoing hardship and uncertainty that we all are experiencing during this pandemic. Now more than ever, we all need to find healthy ways to manage these times, and to make plans for a brighter tomorrow.

At Bloomfields we are taking stock of what's most important and we are focused on support and care for our community, customers, staff, and family. Not only in giving support and care, but also in being open to accepting care. It may be a long and dark winter, but we can get through this together.

It is essential to be mindful and to take time to make yourself and others feel connected and grounded. Just with small acts of kindness we can build a community of caring.

Give yourself a break and take time to read, exercise, bake, or soak in the bath. Keep in touch with your friends and extended family. Drop off a handwritten note or send a care package.

It's only with purpose and optimism that we'll emerge from our long pandemic- not beaten down and defeated, but rather confident and determined to make a better place for ourselves and our community.

With love, hope, and positive conviction,
Virginia and Jamie

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