Team Bloomfields Flowers Ottawa Florist

Our team is the reason we can achieve everything that we set out to accomplish.
We are a team and a family.  Let us make your experience unforgettable with beautiful flowers, thoughtful gifts, exquisite decor, and fresh design ideas and inspiration.


Virginia and james

Two star-crossed lovers of focused design, thoughtful beauty and natural experiences, Virginia and James are partnered in work and life for each other and Bloomfields Flowers. 
Virginia's passion and pursuit of excellence in floral design and styling is coupled to James' attention to operational excellence and love for nature.
Virginia, one of four siblings of Greek immigrant parents, grew up in Toronto's Roncesvalles neighborhood, and always knew she would be a devotee and designer of flowers.
James and his brother grew up on an 1795 Loyalist farmstead in Prince Edward county, now the family flower farm, and was waiting all his life for Virginia.
Together with their three sons, Virginia and James live in Ottawa and can be found most days working at their flower shops.  Find them there, at the flower farm, or paddling at the cottage.

Your incredible Bloomfields staff

Every day and in every way, the staff at Bloomfields Flowers is committed to providing you with a retail flower shop experience beyond compare: the most beautiful character, irresistible floral designs, and unparalleled customer service.  You will rave about your visit and have no choice but to return.



and to all the florists out there!

There are few retail professions more challenging than that of the florist.
Long hours, late nights, hard work, and heavy lifting name just a few facets of our profession.
We recognize and salute you: our colleagues and comrades who work in this business.
We're sending out an appreciation to all of you; thank you for the beautiful work!

Here at Bloomfields Flowers our work together is defined by our 5 core values:

  • Fast and efficient hard work

  • Fanatical attention to detail

  • Enthusiastic outgoing service

  • Professional confidence and integrity

  • A passion for "Beautiful Living Naturally"

If you recognize this person in the mirror, if you think and work towards getting better all the time, if you can handle challenge and change and if you're ready to be part of a big and beautiful and natural future then LET'S TALK... : )