L' impatience Vaseware

Husband and wife Jerome and Benedicte Leclere are the four hands crafting every piece behind L'impatience. 

When leaving France over a decade ago, they could not imagine that one day they would call Upstate New York home and never look back. It took them a few detours, from Vancouver British Columbia to Toronto Ontario before finally finding their way to New York City.

After a few years in the city and countless weekends spent upstate New York, they eventually decided to switch their weekend escapes into full time mode and move to the beautiful Catskills region near Woodstock, NY.

The early beginnings of L'impatience started in their Brooklyn apartment where they had installed a makeshift studio comprised of a potter's wheel and a couple of shelves. They were transporting their pieces to their local ceramics studio for firing, anxiously hoping that nothing would break with each travel. They did break many pieces indeed, but mainly due to their constant eagerness to speed up the process and see the end results too soon... which is how the name naturally came to them. 

All of their pieces now come from their studio in Kingston, NY. They are all handmade and invite you to rediscover the simple things, celebrate the little moments and share them with others. They hope you will enjoy them as much as they enjoy making them.

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