Gogo & Martin Bear Maxi Doll

Bear is our maxi size heirloom cloth doll, and stands at 78 cm tall (about 30 inches) in red corduroy, ready for adventures of all sizes. 

All of our dolls are made with natural materials, cotton, linen and wool, with hand-stitched details. They are all stuffed with hypo-allergenic poly fibre, but can also be made to order using pure wool stuffing. While all of our dolls are made with soft materials, some of them do contain small parts, and therefore we recommend supervising younger children. Because each one is handmade, they will vary slightly. We like to think that this is where their personality lives.

Please note; all Gogo & Martin Dolls are handmade with love, therefore no doll is alike. Their outfits and accessories will differ from the photo shown.

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