Flensted Mobile: Drifting Clouds

Mobiles are a traditional craft in Denmark, but the modern mobile - as a decoration for the home - was created in 1953 by Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe to celebrate the birth of their first daughter. Their first design, the stork mobile, was a great success, and now flies all over the world.  Flensted Mobiles are designed that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance.

Watch the movements of this elegant mobile – and remember what it feels like to lie in a field of grass on a warm summer day, watching the clouds drift over the blue sky.


  • Ole Flensted & Mie Lerche


  • 80 x 100 cm / 31.5 x 39.4 inch


  • Stainless steel, Wood

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