Bloomfields Flowers Ottawa: Our Story


where it all started

In the beginning, there was Virginia.  As far back as can be recalled she has always had her passion for flowers and beautiful design. At any time and in any place, she needs to always be surrounded by flowers and to feel that connection to nature.

Virginia loves hosting family and friends and is always creating spaces and decor that make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at home.  Like her father before her, she knew she wanted to run her own business.  So when the time came for her to decide, her passion took her back to flowers and creating natural and beautiful spaces for people.

Over many intense years, Virginia worked in Toronto flower shops, developing her style and her professional acumen. Attending business school night classes, she dreamed of the day she would start her own company.  In 1998 she launched Bloomfields Flowers, specializing in weddings and corporate events in the city.  Working from her father's warehouse off the Toronto Queensway, she quickly established herself as a talented and dedicated florist with a natural eye for beauty and design.

In 2002, Virginia moved herself and the business to Ottawa to be with her husband James. While searching for a shop location, Bloomfields Flowers operated out of their 3rd floor studio apartment above the La Strada restaurant on Bank Street. The bachelor flat was quickly transformed: the bedroom with AC converted to a flower cooler and the dining room table to a design station. Boxes of vases and rolls of ribbon filled the space.  We, James and Virginia, will never forget those early years in Ottawa as we started from scratch. We treasure all of our first customers who liked what they saw and helped us begin to build our business. We appreciate the support of our suppliers who believed that we might someday become more than a third floor walk-up studio. We will always remember what it was like to build this business that means so much to us.

In 2004, Liam Vince was born, the first of the three Vince boys (Jack and Matthew following after).  By this time, Bloomfields had developed and established a reputation for beautiful and natural designs, delivered with great service, and attention to detail.  Later that year, after much renovation, preparation, sweat, and tears, Bloomfields Flowers’ first retail shop opened on 101 Fourth Avenue in the Glebe.

Since those early days, Bloomfields Flowers has grown steadily, getting better and better at our trade-craft, and continuing to win over customers with unforgettable experiences and great service. In 2011, the shop moved to the more central 783 Bank Street, becoming a fixture in the neighbourhood as a beautiful oasis in the geographic center of the Glebe.

Most recently in 2016, a second shop was launched in Wellington West, bringing Beautiful Living Naturally to the West of Ottawa.

Today, Bloomfields Flowers is a wonderful and exciting business.
There is so much promise as we follow our obsession for creating beautiful and natural places, designs, and experiences.
Our business continues to grow and thrive, and we feel lucky to be able to follow our passions and reach for greatness in a business we feel energized about everyday.