Why not take a break and visit the flower shops? ... June 2, 2018

Why not take a break and visit the flower shops? ... June 2, 2018

Dear BFF
What a week this has been!  Why not take a break and visit the flower shops?  Both the Glebe and Wellington West stores are "chock-a-block" with beautiful!  We're kicking off the summer with bountiful fresh flowers, lush green plants, and new and intriguing home decor.  Drop by and see!

New Retail for Summer
We have set the shop with stunning decor and gift pieces for the summer time.  Cool glass drink dispensers and blown glass bottles.  Marble cheese trays and elegant pitchers- all to make your summer entertaining an unforgettable experience.

More Plants!  It's a Jungle in Here
Just when we thought the shops couldn't get more green, we received another shipment of fresh plants.  They are AMAZING!!  Everything from the long-awaited ZZ's, to the most beautiful Ficus Audrey, has arrived!  The end result is a lush urban oasis waiting for your exploration.

Farm Flowers Getting Going
Wow!  We are now receiving 2 shipments every week from Sandy Hill farms and we are loving the wonderful organically farmed flowers that they are sending!  Bridal wreath, columbine, flowering mountain currant, and so many more heirloom and unique blooms and foliage. 

Thank you for your support- we couldn't do it without you!
Have a great weekend.

All Good Things,
Virginia and James and the amazing staff at Bloomfields and Sandy Hill Farm

PS- A Note on Online Reviews- It's Tough- can you help?
Just a quick note.  We had one of best ever Mothers Day earlier this month.  Beautiful designs delivered to happy Moms all through that weekend.  For all of us- it was late nights and hard work- but to the end- we stayed true to our beliefs and values, and everyone gave it their all to deliver great service and a great experience.
Of course- that's when you get hit with feedback like this:
    1 star for customer service :/        
"Google review for Bloomfields West, left by Sarah M"
Why?  Because we could not take a photo of their Mother's Day arrangement.  And that's after a long 10-minute conversation, in detail(!).  That's all it takes.
We know we're doing good work (we certainly are trying all the time to get better!), but these public critiques can get you down.
If you have a gmail address and have some positive feedback to share- please send it our way. Just like everyone- we need some encouragement to keep it all going... : ) 
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