What's Blooming this Month... June 13, 2016

What's Blooming this Month... June 13, 2016

Dear BFF

The shop is bursting with beautiful local and natural flowers from our family farm this month and all through the summer.  Visit and be inspired!  The addition of these blooms to our shop is truly magical, and our designers are creating stunning arrangements and bouquets- both large and small- with these heirloom flowers.  
Follow the goings on at the farm on the Sandyhill Instagram page.

This month we also give thanks to all of those amazing teachers who spend so much time and energy with our little ones (and those not so little anymore!).  Visit the shop for sweet gift ideas: take-away cup arrangements; farm flower bouquets; or a thoughtful gift certificate.

We hope to see you soon.

Wishing you Beautiful Living Naturally,
Virginia and James
Janice, Heather, Pauline, Vanessa, Nora, Lauren, Miranda, Sophia, Steve
Wendy, Bert, Samantha, Michele

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