Plants, plants, plants... Jan 25, 2023

Plants, plants, plants... Jan 25, 2023

Dear BFF

Snow, snow, snow! There's something special about winter and the opportunities it provides to embrace and connect with nature- inside and out.

Overnight, the landscape is magically transformed into a wonderworld of snow and ice. Venturing outside, even briefly, can be an invigorating and peaceful reprieve from the usual hustle and bustle of other seasons. A crisp winter walk, snowshoe, or ski connects us with the land and to ourselves in nature.

Indoors we create our own happy retreat from the cold. Warm and snug spaces provide comfort for moments of solitude or when gathering with family and friends. There's a chance to read, cook, decorate and plan- and to appreciate natural beauty, like plants! Our green companions soothe and remind us that winter is part of a great cycle- and soon it will be spring again. Plants in your home also lift spirits and encourage optimism- even in the middle of winter.

The happy timing of our latest shipment of plants could not be better. Our shops are bursting with sweetly scented Jasmines, lovely heart-shaped anthurium, and burrows-tailed succulents that brighten a room and the soul alike. We invite you to visit to see for yourself or order online for delivery or pickup.

We are also thrilled to announce and share our 2023 Valentine's collection of bouquets and arrangements. Find them online and consider ordering ahead of time in the comfort of your cozy living room... : )

As the snow continues to fall, wishing you happy trails and safe travels.

All good things,
Virginia, Jamie, and our Bloomfields family

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