Plant Sale!... Oct 29, 2018

Plant Sale!... Oct 29, 2018

Dear BFF 
The first snow has fallen, the air is crisp and the seasonal transition to winter has begun.  This is a perfect time of year to introduce natural beauty- with plants!!-  indoors as we prepare for a long winter. Not only do plants add a beautiful decorative element to your space, but they have also been proven to directly impact on our overall mood and emotional well-being. How great is that!?

This week, all plants, big and small, will be on sale for 35% off. 
When curating your own perfect green haven, it is important that you spend a little bit of time looking into which plants are best suited not only for your space but for your schedule and lifestyle. But, with that being said, whether you are a plant novice or a plant pro you can always find something beautiful in the shop that will suit your plant needs to a tee!   The sale ends on Sunday, so come early and select a perfect plant for your home.

Both our shops will now open at 10 am on Sunday mornings.  We look forward to seeing our regular Sunday morning early birds (you know who you are) and invite you to start your day with a stroll through our shop for a moment to reflect and re-charge.
Please note that our Wellington location is now open on Mondays as well.  Pop by and say hello!

Have a plant question or would you like some plant care advice?
Our plant expert Pat is always available to help! Visit him in our shops or send him an email at

Happy Monday and away we go......!

All good things,
Virginia and James and the Amazing BloomfieldsTeam

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