Never Stop Exploring... July 18, 2018

Never Stop Exploring... July 18, 2018

Dear BFF 

How lucky are we to live in such an amazing city where you can escape the the hustle and bustle in a matter of minutes; Where trails and lakes and cottages are just around the corner!  We love exploring all the abundant nature around us and love hearing and seeing all your nature adventures as well. 

Locally Grown
Located in Price Edward county, our family farm grows an abundant collection of  seasonal heirloom flowers, greenery, and branches.

Formerly a homesteading farm parceled to Loyalist Ensign Crawford, the property features a hand-built stone house (circa 1815), and three acres of lush and productive flower fields.

Managed by Wenda Mae Vince and her staff of seasonal farm workers, Sandy Hill farm is a paradise of natural beauty that produces an astounding variety of local and organic blooms and accents to our Ottawa flower shops every week during the growing season.   
See what's happening at the Sandy Hill Farm Instagram here.

Ordering Your Farm Box
If you have yet to order your Farm Box there is still lots of time to pick up a weekly box.  Be sure to hit the green button below to order now as we have only a limited number of boxes available. 
Pickup or delivery Tuesday/Wednesday.  Cost: $35 (+tax) per box.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Get out there and see what nature has to offer! 
All Good Things,
Virginia and James and the amazing team at Bloomfields and Sandy Hill Farm

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