March Break Fun and Spring Flowers... March 16, 2023

March Break Fun and Spring Flowers... March 16, 2023

Dear Bff

March break is here and the season is changing. Next week marks the official first day of spring- bringing longer sunny days, cheerful bird songs, and a magical transition point. After many months of asking when winter will end, we're almost there!

This is an important time of year as we look ahead with anticipation following all the cold and dark days. The shift sparks newfound energy and hopes for a fresh start and a glorious launch into spring. There's excitement for what's coming and we're making plans and embracing the changes of the season.

At Bloomfields we're getting ready and set! Next week marks our shop changeover to the theme of "Spring Blossom". The shops will be awakening with cascades of cherry and magnolia branches and blooms, paper birds in flight without a care, and an airy spring garden of beauty and light.

We'll also be launching new lines of retail merchandise and home decor from our recent trips to New York and Toronto gift shows. All set with our stunning spring floral collection amidst an inspiring in-shop experience- we can hardly wait to share all this with you.

Now is the time to begin your own happy transition. Celebrate the approaching arrival of the new season. Take a walk and notice the subtle signs of change; listen to inspiring music; or bring touches of natural beauty into your home. Spring bulbs and flowers are a favourite of ours and are available at both shops to mark this occasion.

We wish you happy days of play, planning, and anticipation of all good things.

Virginia and Jamie and your Bloomfields Family

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