Love your life... Feb 3, 2019

Love your life... Feb 3, 2019

Dear BFF

It's cold and so very snowy out there, and we are certain that many would just as soon be done with this month (good-bye, shoveling!!).  And yet, at Bloomfields we believe that February casts its own brand of magic.

This is a month of cozy gatherings, calming snowfalls, and incredible planning and productivity. It is a month of heartwarming camaraderie as our tension with nature reminds us that people need each other, need to help each other, and need to love one another.  Love is all around.

On February 14th, Valentine's Day nudges us to remember to celebrate and express our love in meaningful ways.  We also believe it is an opportunity to remember the importance of self-love and being kind to your life-long self, as well as loving others.  This month, try writing a list of what brings you joy and makes you feel happy and then make it happen.  At Bloomfields, flowers always make our list!  Flowers are beautiful, ephemeral and unique, just like each one of us.  Flowers connect us with the beauty and power of nature and convey true love. This month (and always), love yourself as well as others.  Visit us at the shops or online, and gift yourself and your loved ones with beautiful Bloomfields flowers.

Wishing you a Happy February, full of love.

All good things,
Virginia, James, and your incredible 
Bloomfields team

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