Happiness is a New Plant... Aug 25, 2018

Happiness is a New Plant... Aug 25, 2018

Dear BFF

Our shops are bursting at the seams with a bevy of gorgeous plants in all shapes and sizes! Whether you have the perfect sunny spot for a small succulent or cactus, or if you are looking for something dramatic and architectural to add the perfect lush touch to a room- we have you covered!

One of our favorite plants, and by far the one that we get the most questions about is the Ficus Lyrata- commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig. We do love these large broad-leafed plants, but they do have a reputation for being a little tricky to care for. However, by following some simple steps, you can ensure a healthy and happy ficus.

With Ficus Lyrata it's imperative to keep the soil evenly moist, only allowing to dry out slightly between waterings. When too dry, your ficus will let you know- the leaf margins begin to dry out and go brown and crunchy, sometimes falling off entirely. That being said its also important not to overwater your
ficus, or any plant for that matter. Overwatering results in weak growth, yellowing leaves, and root rot. A helpful tip for a consistent watering schedule is to set a reminder your phone or on the calendar!

With bright filtered light and consistent moisture, your Ficus Lyrata will thrive for years to come!

Sandyhill Farm and Your Farm Box
Sandyhill Farm is in full bloom with late summer flora and greenery taking over the farm fields, creating a blanket of natural beauty. In fact, the farm is so abundant with blooms that we are starting to receive shipments twice a week!

Farm boxes have been such a wonderful new venture for us at Bloomfields and Sandyhill Farm. We are overjoyed with how positively they have been received by all our BFFs. Thanks for sharing also!- it truly is incredible seeing what everyone has been designing with their fresh farm flowers!

Hit the green button below to order yours today.

All Good Things,
Virginia and James and the amazing team at Bloomfields Flowers and Sandyhill Farm

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