Finding your Family Day Long Weekend... Feb 13, 2020

Finding your Family Day Long Weekend... Feb 13, 2020

Dear BFF

The long weekend is almost here- a mid-winter break in the name of time together with those we love. As florists, we're happy to have a break, following our always busy-beautiful-bustling Valentine's Day. This weekend is our chance to spend time and have some fun with those dear to us.

We yearn to embrace this family time. Be it outside or inside. With everyone close by or having a quiet moment to ourselves. Coffee in your favourite cup and a chance to read the paper. Games and cards and conversations. Dinner, all together, around the table.

And flowers.
A simple and sweet bouquet in the hallway.
A bottle vase with a single stem on your dresser. 
A centerpiece designed for thoughtful consideration and contemplation.

We desire more Beautiful Living Naturally. We truly believe that we all need it! With that in mind, please find some special Family Day flower options in the link below if you are so inclined.

Wishing you a weekend of peace, joy, and simple pleasures.

Virginia and James, and our family

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