Finding Inspiration as the Season Turns... Sept 29, 2018

Finding Inspiration as the Season Turns... Sept 29, 2018

Dear BFF,
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend as we troop out of September and into October country. Find your way to Bloomfields Glebe or Bloomfields West this weekend to experience seasonal beauty in all autumnal tones; limited release retail rarities; and growing green plants. Why not make plans to escape to our beautiful stores with a friend or on your way?

September, as September does- rushed through the days, reminding us that change is a whirlwind. And for Ottawa- a literal one. We are thankful (in advance of next weekend), that all family, friends, and neighbors have weathered our own recent storms. We hope to not see such destruction again so close to home, and we’re sending thoughts and support to everyone recovering from the tornadoes.

Seasonal Inspiration
Take a first look this Saturday or Sunday at our brand new shop layouts and merchandise, just in time for the beginning of the autumn season. Hand twisted wreathes for your front door and floral arrangements in burnt orange and umber for your holiday table. Turn on the heat Dad, and unpack the sweaters- it’s happening! We know it- and have everything you need for Beautiful Living Naturally in the fall.

Final Farm Boxes
Summertime is still available- captured in our flowers from Sandyhill Farm. Next week will be our last of the season, and promises to burst with dahlias, foliage and flowers. Last chance until 2019- link below.

All Good Things,

Virginia and James and the team at Bloomfields Flowers and Sandyhill Farm

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Farm Box: Oct 2/3

Weather Permitting
For Pick-Up or Delivery
October 2nd or 3rd (Tue/Wed pickup or delivery)
A beautiful and natural final burst of summer for you! A seasonal selection of the farm flowers, foliage, and accents.

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