Our family farm grows a wonderful selection of seasonal blooms, greenery, and heirloom flowers.  Formerly a homesteading farm parcelled to an Ensign Crawford in 1795, the farm features a hand built stone house (circa 1815) and 3 acres of productive land.  Our family purchased the property in 1976 and renovated the old house, which had by then fallen into a state of general disrepair.

Thanks to the hard work and magic touch of Wendy and Bert, the gardens have seen a gradual transformation over the past ten years.  Moving from organic vegetable gardens and green lawns, the property has been shepherded into lush and extensive flower beds.

Wendy and Bert’s labour of love has transformed this little patch of land into a beautiful paradise bursting with an astounding variety of blooms and accents that fill our store and add an unparalleled aspect of natural, local beauty.